IT Security Products for Corporate Users

Review of IT Security Suites for Corporate Users
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Most organizations are aware of the risks threatening their IT environment. Viruses, trojans, worms, exploits and many other threats represent a serious danger for the IT department. A collapse of the IT system could mean grave financial losses right up to insolvency for a company. The IT departments of companies are conscious of this problem. Getting the best protection against these threats is the only issue. A simple file antivirus solution alone is totally inade-quate, as there are too many threats from contaminated e-mails, exploits etc. What is re-quired is a comprehensive suite that provides protection against all of these.Functional DiversityBecause of the immense functional diversity of various antivirus suites and corporate prod-ucts, it is becoming increasingly difficult for decision-makers in the IT sector to get a proper overview. Which product should one opt for and for which areas of protection? During these tests our main focus has not been on malware detection rates, but on the prod-ucts’ handling and user-friendliness, and the scope of functionality. We have compiled the functional scope of various products in a detailed table. For malware detection rates of indi-vidual products please refer to the tests of our website:

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