Sandplay Therapy

Treatment of Psychopathologies
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Often the hands will solve a mystery
that the intellect has struggled with in vain.
– C.G. Jung
Ten European sandplay therapists describe how severe psychopathologies can be treated in the ’free and protected space’ of the sandbox.
The sandplay therapy cases in this book illustrate some of the most difficult, yet also most effective applications: psychoses, borderline syndromes, psychosomatic illnesses, drug addictions, or narcissistic character disorders.
Sandplay seems to access areas of human suffering which have otherwise always resisted psychotherapeutic treatment.
Recent research in neuroscience explains why this is possible: trauma is not remembered in verbal form – what has never been articulated in words nor ever ’shaped’ cannot be outwardly expressed. In sandplay, however, ’it’ manifests itself as a form, shaped by the hands.
The inexpressible can be seen and touched – therefore, it can be transformed.

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