Choreokusicology I

Corporeality – Social Relations
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Kendra Stepputat and Elina Seye: Introduction: Choreomusical Perspectives
Ako Mashino and Elina Seye: The Corporeality of Sound and Movement in Performance
Ako Mashino: The Body Visualising the Music: Seeing and Showing Body Movement in Balinese gender wayang
Elina Seye: The Corporeal Dynamics of Choreomusical Interactions in sabar Dance Events
Colin Quigley and Siri Mæland: Choreomusical Interactions, Hierarchical Structures, and Social Relations: A Methodological Account
Siri Mæland: Musical Dancers and Dancing Musicians, Who’s in Charge? Choreomusical Analysis of pols Performances in Haltdalen, Norway
Colin Quigley and Sándor Varga: Peasant Dancers and Gypsy Musicians: Social Hierarchy and Choreomusical Interaction
Book Reviews (Eva-Maria van Straaten, ed.)
Matthew J. DelCiampo: Timothy J. Cooley (ed.), Cultural Sustainabilities (2019)
Da Lin: Levi S. Gibbs, Song King: Connecting People, Places, and Past in Contemporary China (2018)
Nancy Sue Love: Benjamin R. Teitelbaum, Lions of the North: Sounds of the New Nordic Radical Nationalism (2017)
Katrina Thompson Moore: Sandra Jean Graham, Spirituals and Birth of a Black Entertainment Industry (2018)
James R. Ball III: Paul Christiansen, Orchestrating Public Opinion: How Music Persuades in Television Political Ads
for US Presidential Campaigns, 1952–2016 (2018)
Alex Kreger: Ulaş Özdemir, Wendelmoet Hamelink and Martin
Greve (eds.), Diversity and Contact among Singer-Poet Traditions in Eastern Anatolia (2019)
Sherril Dodds: Christopher J. Smith, Dancing Revolution: Bodies, Space and Sound in American Cultural History (2019)
Court Carney: E. Douglas Bomberger, Making Music American: 1917 and the Transformation of Culture (2018)
Barbara Alge: Helen Hahmann, Wir singen nicht, wir sind die Jodler. Ethnologische Perspektiven auf das Jodeln
im Harz (2018)
Recording Reviews (Rehanna Kheshgi, ed.)
Logan Clark: The Flight of the Condor: A Letter, a Song and the Story of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Directed by Vladimir Hafstein and Áslaug Einarsdóttir (2018)
Matthew Knight: Sound Portraits from Bulgaria: A Journey to a Vanished World 1966–1979 (Звукови Картини от
България: Пътешествие в Един Изчезнал Свят) Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (2019)
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the world of music (new series)

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Reihethe world of music (new series)
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Erscheinungsdatum 21.01.2021
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Gastredaktion Elina Seye
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Gastredaktion Birgit Abels, Kendra Stepputat
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