Successful Innovations? Efficient Knowledge and Technology Transfer and International Collaboration

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The objective of this monograph was to outline and analyse framework of collaboration between higher education institutions and industry, explain implementation and management of knowledge and technology transfer with special regard to university spin-offs. It analysed commercialisation issues of knowledge and technology, best practices in this field adopted at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA, and aspects of successful internationalisation of innovative companies shown in the comparison of Germany and Russia. The underdeveloped innovation culture in Slovakia is reflected in the evaluation of two field surveys at universities and research institutes in Slovakia. They were a base for a proposed model of effective management of commercialisation processes via technology transfer offices.
Denisa Brighton contributed with her analysis of barriers of efficient commercialisation of intellectual property and know-how of universities and research institutes, barriers within businesses to innovate as well as barriers in the business environment as a whole as well. Marian Zajko contributed with his evaluation of the issues of creation, operation and benefits of university spin-offs and status of knowledge and technology transfer in the CENTROPE region. Kerstin Pezoldt contributed with her conclusions on internationalization of innovations based on the comparative analysis of German and Russian innovation scenes. They considered the following key success factors of knowledge and technology transfer in countries with underdeveloped innovation culture: quality research results, forward looking intellectual property management and commercialisation systems, efficient international collaboration in innovations, and consistent government support offering specific instruments stimulating the interests of researchers and businesses to engage in applied research. Finally, the authors presented a series of recommendations to be considered and adopted in order to achieve beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders of the commercialisation process. However, these measures should not be taken in isolation since the commercialisation process is a very comprehensive and continuous improvement process and requires long-term concerted efforts by universities, businesses and government.

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Erscheinungsdatum 19.05.2015
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