Operational English for the Baden-Württemberg Police

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This book was prepared for police students. It provides a comprehensive overview of topics related to police work in Germany. The tasks were designed for a classroom setting and nearly all of them include pair or group work. The main goal of each unit is to encourage the students to speak in English using the vocabulary and phrases they will need when doing police work. The exercises focus on the language German police officers will actually need on the job, i.e. interaction with English-speaking civilians including drivers of vehicles, tourists, suspects, victims and witnesses. The tasks have been tested and improved in classes at the HfPV. Both American and British spelling conventions and pronunciation are indicated. The American spelling convention is used throughout the book.

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ISBN 9783866767089
Erscheinungsdatum 01.09.2021
Umfang 200 Seiten
Genre Schule, Lernen/Lektüren, Interpretationen, Lektürehilfen/Sonstige Sprachen
Format Buch
Verlag Verlag für Polizeiwissenschaft
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