Dokumentation: "More than light and shade", ift Special Show R+T 2015
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Modern buildings today can no longer do without high-performance solar protection or glare shields and daylight control systems. The systems play an outstanding role for the utilisation of healthy and natural daylight, as
well as for living comfort, safety and health, and they must become an integral component of a modern building shell in conjunction with window and facade systems. With the advanced development of window, facade and glazing systems, the integration of solar protection/ glare shield and daylight systems is not only becoming increasingly better, but also more demanding. This provides excellent opportunities of doing sustainable business for competent manufacturers.
If the design and erection yearn for energy-efficient buildings, but even energy-related refurbishing, the requirements of physical construction-related characteristics of solar protection products have also become stricter. The EnEV, too, demands verification for protection against summer heat in Articles 3 and 4. This is why, apart from the resistance to wind loads, even the total energy transmittance gtotal for the combination of glazing and solar protection as well as the additional thermal resistance R have been specified as mandated characteristics in the new product standard for exterior shutters. These must be tested and verified, and then specified in the construction product declaration (CPD) and in the CE mark.

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