Alfa Romeo Giulia GT

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This book focuses exclusively on the various model variants of the Giulia GT from the Tipo 105 series.
The 528 pages contain solely contemporary photographs, which for the most part are published here for the first time, documenting the different variants of the model. In the respective chapters the modifications to the cars that Alfa Romeo made over the years are documented in detail for each model.
The documentation covers the following models produced by Alfa Romeo between 1963 and 1976 in Arese:
Tipo 105.02 Giulia Sprint GT
Tipo 105.02/A Giulia Sprint GTA
Tipo 105.25 Giulia GTC
Tipo 105.30 GT 1300 Junior
Tipo 105.44 1750 GT Veloce
Tipo 105.59 GTA 1300 Junior
Tipo 105.51 1750 GT Veloce U.S.A.
Tipo 105.21 2000 GT Veloce
Tipo 115.01 2000 GT Veloce U.S.A.
Tipo 115.03 GT 1600 Junior
Tipo 115.34 GT 1600 Junior

Also included is information concerning the vehicle identification numbers and production numbers of the models.

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ISBN 9783871661563
Erscheinungsdatum 08.08.2018
Umfang 528 Seiten
Genre Ratgeber/Fahrzeuge/Auto, Motorrad, Moped
Format Hardcover
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