The Red Algal Families Delesseriaceae and Sarcomeniaceae.

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This is a synthesis of the genera of two red algal families, the Delesseriaceae and the Sarcomeniaceae, including information on all genera ad species currently recognized in these groups. Ninty - five genera are regarded as currently accepted names in the Delesseriaceae. The Delesseriaceae is treated as containing 3 subfamilies. Twelve tribes are assigned to subfamily Delesserioideae, with a total of 48 genera. Four tribes are assigned to the subfamily Nitophylloideae, with a total of 12 genera. Four tribes are assigned to the subfamily Phycodryoideae, with a total of 35 genera. The family Sarcomeniaceae is thought to contain only six genera. Currently recognized species in all of the genera of these two families are listed including bibliographic information, data on type localities, as well s information on homotypic and heterotypic taxonomic synonyms.

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