Berlin Highlights (Verkaufseinheit, 5 Ex.)

The Practical Guide for Discovering the City
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Berlin Highlights is one of the most successful Berlin guides of its kind: an opulent illustrated book and informative reference manual in one.
The journalist Clemens Beeck and the photographer Günter Schneider present the city’s attractions from A to Z in 45 chapters with almost 250 photographs. Including a city and public transportation map, two registers and a compact information section.
Berlin Highlights – the useful companion to everyone eager and curious to discover Berlin. The time-tested bestseller, now completely updated!

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ISBN 9783897736856
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 01.08.2012
Umfang 128 Seiten
Genre Reisen/Reiseführer/Deutschland
Format Buch
Verlag Jaron
Fotos von Günter Schneider