Left, Right, Up, Down

New Directions in Signage and Wayfinding
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When trying to get through masses of people quickly at a train station or airport to catch a connection, when looking for the right hospital ward in an emergency, or when simply navigating through large, unfamiliar buildings such as museums, convention centers, or parking garages, one urgently needs orientation. In such situations, signage and wayfinding systems help us find our way effectively in spite of stress, crowds or circuitousness.
Left, Right, Up, Down presents current approaches to design that provide orientation in and around buildings. Because this work must be universally legible and understood immediately by people of all ages and cultures, the margin for success is quite slim. This book provides myriad examples that join graphic design and architecture so well that the result elegantly meets the specific navigational needs of the situation.
With its range of attractive, experimental, low-budget, and flexible solutions, Left, Right, Up, Down is an inspirational and insightful examination of current possibilities for practical applied information graphics.

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ISBN 9783899553123
Erscheinungsdatum 01.09.2010
Umfang 240 Seiten
Genre Kunst/Innenarchitektur, Design
Format Hardcover
Verlag Die Gestalten Verlag
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