Gnosis Tantra Kabbalah

The serpent, the power, and the force
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There are thousands of treatises on Gnosis, Tantra, and Kabbalah. All merely theory. Now, at last, the practice is explained in a way that is easy to understand, and it is proven that the different methods of the different traditions are based on the same spiritual foundations and insights.
3 traditions, 2 paths, 1 goal. All three systems are explicable in terms of the mystery of the serpent. Kundalini Shakti – the serpent of the Tantrists – is the serpent of the Gnostics – is the serpent of the Kabbalists – is the manifestation of the power that brings something into being: an image, a thought, a feeling, a decision. The serpent is the power of imagination, the power of conception, the creative power of thought with which every action begins. It is also the manifestation of the power with which one conquers unwanted ideas and impulses. It is power and force at the same time. This is how you get a grip on the serpent. In the beginning is always the word – that is, the thought. A thought can seduce, fertilise, or oppose the power of an unwanted thought. Tantra, yoga, and sex magic. Gnosis means knowledge. It does not concern knowledge of facts, but rather knowledge of yourself. Not who I am, or what I am, or how I am – it concerns the realisation: “I AM” as the centre and bearer of consciousness. Around this centre, those who are awakened arrange their subtle organs and limbs. The God who can recycle himself. The flesh of spirit and soul. Franz Bardon describes the frequencies of the cosmic language with which Kabbalists shape themselves and work magic as the effective power of colour, sound, sensation, and quality. These powers are linked to letters, which serve as containers and building blocks. The astrological code as the key to understanding Bardon’s system of Kabbalah.

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ISBN 9783900721145
Erscheinungsdatum 14.12.2021
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Genre Ratgeber/Spiritualität/Esoterik
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag Stejnar Verlag
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