Disruptive Innovations in the Field of Construction

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In a globalized, connected world we often see the phenomena of disruption, where a new
player in the market takes away a substantial part of the market share of the former big
players by using technology or new ideas. This dissertation is to evaluate the general
potential of disruptive innovations in the sector of construction and its initial scientific
question is: Is it possible, that new market players or new products have a big enough
influence in this industry, to change the current business models?
In order to find an answer to this question, the author analyses in the first chapter the
general economic specialties of this industry in comparison to others and shows, where
other research has led to until now. The methodology is to distinguish fields of innovation
with disruptive potential, in order to point out ways to adopt the current business models
Based on that, the author evaluates in chapter two the potential fields of disruptive
innovation, where innovation in construction happens in general, and then their economic
potential and implementation level. Furthermore, the author analyzes, which theories of
disruption are applicable to construction and develops a questionnaire to quantify
disruption potential in different innovation fields. Those results show the disruptive
potential regarding to single innovation topics.

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