Why, Why me, & why it´s simply worth it

How to structure your negotiations so that price doesn´t really matter
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“To go through fee negotiations costs time, energy, and effort. To go some other place instead costs money, contracts and self-respect.” With this book, Dr. Amin Talab is set to make your negotiations significantly easier. Not only will you learn how to improve communication with your clients and which costly mistakes to avoid, the author will show you how to reach your objectives smoothly, using practical examples. Following his structure makes it a breeze to keep the upper hand and lead your conversations to the results you desire. By employing the negotiation triangle you’ll find that it even becomes fun to rethink your interests and prices, and to reinvent your presentation.

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ISBN 9783903135031
Erscheinungsdatum 01.06.2017
Umfang 143 Seiten
Genre Wirtschaft
Format Taschenbuch
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