Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts

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The exhibition catalog “Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts” accompanies
the retrospective of the same name at Schaulager, which was
conceived in cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
The richly illustrated book offers a comprehensive overview of Nauman’s
career spanning more than fifty years of artistic activity in a diverse
range of media. Nauman’s works are very direct and confrontational and
often have the character of simple exercises or critical self-interrogations.
Whether through drawing, print, video, sculpture, sound or language,
performance or complex installations – the artist consistently explores
fundamental questions that examine the phenomenological and psychological
experience of body, time, space, movement and architecture.
A wide selection of authors turn their attention to series and themes that
have previously been neglected in the critical examination of this body
of work, such as Nauman’s interest in architectural models or the
significance of colour. In addition to an extensive introduction on the
exhibition concept, 17 shorter essays concentrate on specific recurring
ideas or media. An illustrated selected exhibition history featuring
numerous rare or previously unpublished images completes the volume.

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ISBN 9783906315102
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 01.03.2018
Umfang 356 Seiten
Genre Sachbücher/Kunst, Literatur/Bildende Kunst
Format Buch
Verlag Laurenz-Stiftung, Schaulager
Vorwort Maja Oeri
Herausgegeben von Kathy Halbreich
Vorwort Laurenz Foundation, Schaulager, Isabel Friedli, Heidi Naef, Magnus Schaefer, Taylor Walsh, Glenn Lowry
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