Ternary Alloys. A Comprehensive Compendium of Evaluated Costitutional... / Ternary Alloys. A Comprehensive Compendium of Evaluated Costitutional Data
Volume 20: Selected Systems for Lead-free Soldering and Brazing Applications

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Verlag: Materials Science-International Services
Format: Hardcover
Genre: Chemie/Physikalische Chemie
Umfang: 560 Seiten
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2021

Kurzbeschreibung des Verlags:

The book series Ternary Alloys provides intellectual critical evaluation of all published data and facts on each individual materials system. Each evaluation report is a concise and - as far as published data allow – consistent phase diagram description for an individual binary or ternary system. The world literature is thoroughly and systematically searched back to the year 1830. Then, the published data are critically evaluated by the MSIT experts in materials science and peer-reviewed under the authority of the MSIT Editorial Board.

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