2nd International Conference on New Forming Technology

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The production of metallic parts for capital and consumer goods is dominated by meta! forming and meta! cutting. Processes of both groups are based on plastic deformation of the work piece material. This common feature is the bracket for the papers printed in these proceedings of 2nd ICNFT, which therefore also include joining by forming like friction stir welding (FSW) or clinching.
lt is a precondition for the development of new technologies to understand the meaning of the elementary plastic processes. This is also of huge interest, if processing windows have to be expanded to more complex, more precise or smaller geometries, as it is donein micro and precision manufacturing. This, the aim of the 2nd ICNFT was to exchange results from recent research and development in this area. Therefore, questions like size effects (which occur, when the work piece size is scaled down), questions of process stability (which is important for economical industrial application), material behaviour (this includes complex material behaviour during hat pressing of sheet metal, but also tribological aspects), development of new processes and application studies were discussed.
The 2nd ICNFT with nearly 80 papers grouped in 10 sessions documents the recent advances in these fields, including the contributions from DFG Priority Programme SPP
1138 (Modelling of scaling effects on manufacturing processes).
in this context, we would like to thank all members of the International Scientific Committee and the Editorial Board for their support in attracting contributions and reviewing papers according to CIRP regulations. Furthermore, special thanks shall be extended to CIRP, DFG and AGU for taking over sponsorship of this event. Finally, we would like to thank all those many who have contributed to 2nd ICNFT "behind the curtain". Of these, the team with Ms Heike Weers and Dipl.-lng. Claus Thomy, which have assembled all the papers for the proceedings and cared for all registration affairs as weil as the thousands of little, but important things associated with such a !arge event should be especially acknowledged.

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