SEKEM - Born of the sun

Documentary 30 min
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In the year 2003 the Egyptian entrepreneur Ibrahim Abouleish experienced a big breakthrough. In quick succession he received the highest awards offered by two global institutions that otherwise avoid each other like fire and water. In the spring the Schwab Foundation, organizer of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and an engine of economic globalisation, presented his corporate group SEKEM to the world as a model enterprise of sustainable economy. Only a few months later Ibrahim Abouleish was the recipient of the Alternative Nobel Prize of the Right Livelihood Foundation, highly critical of globalisation, for his ”Economy of love”, his unique model of an innovative economy that combines ecological, social and cultural developments with economic success.
How could a project evoke so much enthusiasm in such different institutions?

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ISBN 9783935573313
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 01.01.2009
Umfang 30 Minuten
Genre Technik/Bautechnik, Umwelttechnik
Format DVD
Verlag/Label Denkmal Filmgesellschaft
Kamera Waldemar Hauschild
Regie Bertram Verhaag
Produktion Bertram Verhaag
Autor(en) Bertram Verhaag