86000 Seconds - Sometime Someday in America

Documentary 95 min
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AL BARNUM has made it. An Afro-American by birth and having grown up in the slums of Philadelphia, he worked as a teacher first and then changed to the more lucrative job of a chauffeur of luxury limousines. These days he is the owner of a successful company. For 15 years, he drove the beautiful, the well-to-do and the famous and also loving couples and brides and grooms through the streets of Los Angeles before he discovered his vocation – something totally un-American – spirituality and sincerity.
We witness Al BARNUM’s story from the time he was an entrepreneur right back to when he was a teacher and mentor of mostly black children and youths who nobody was interested in any more. And his passengers tell their own stories of America, describe ways of finding themselves, asserting themselves and surviving beyond the relentless hunger for dollars and success.
A fascinating insight into values – thought to have been lost – of the cold-hearted American soul.

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ISBN 9783935573528
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 01.01.2002
Umfang 95 Minuten
Genre Soziologie
Format DVD
Verlag/Label Denkmal Filmgesellschaft
Kamera Gerardo Milsztein
Produktion Bertram Verhaag
Drehbuch von Bertram Verhaag
Herausgegeben von Bertram Verhaag
Autor(en) Bertram Verhaag