Children of Adam from Leaves of Grass /Kinder Adams aus Grashalme
Poems by Walt Whitman, Artwork by Paul Cava /Gedichte von Walt Whitman illustriert von Paul Cava - Hard cover edition limited to 300 copies, signed by Paul Cava /Limitierte Hardcoverausgabe, nummeriert und signiert von Paul Cava

von Walt Whitman, Paul Cava, Alexander Scholz, John Wood, Arden Kass, die Typonauten

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Übersetzung: Kai Grehn
Verlag: edition GALERIE VEVAIS
Format: Hardcover
Genre: Kunst/Fotografie, Film, Video, TV
Umfang: 176 Seiten
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.11.2005

Kurzbeschreibung des Herstellers:

Der Zyklus "Children of Adam" aus dem berühmten Buch "Grashalme" von Walt Whitman: Er handelt von der nicht zu bändigenden Kraft aus der Motivation von "Native Moments" - es ist eine Hymne der Hoffnung, eine Nation des neuen Amerikas wachsen und gedeihen zu sehen. Paul Cava schuf dazu vor sexueller Energie strotzende Bildepen voller metaphorischer Weite. Kai Grehn (u.a. Übersetzung von Texten von Nick Cave und William Blake) besorgte die Neuübertragung.
". Paul Cava's work invites us to a garden of earthly delights but reminds us of its proximity to the garden of heavenly delights. Looking at his work is rather like listening to the music of Charles Ives, another American seer who was just as unusual, brilliant, and original as Walt Whitman and Paul Cava. At first Ives's music sounds a bit strange, but when we listen we realize we know the tune, and when we listen carefully we often realize we are in the presence of a hymn.", Prof. John Wood
".Throughout this artist's oeuvre, Paul Cava's work celebrates both the universality of human experience and its specificity. In its reverence for "the happy accident", its quest to transcend the boundaries of time and place, to distill the emotional resonance of an image or a moment, his art asks us to put aside the critical faculties, to open ourselves to the grandeur and the depth of feeling within each of us. Perhaps the greatest breakthrough in this particular body of work is that Cava achieves not only a seamless technical fluidity, but an ability to manipulate imagery and association with a delicacy of touch, a generosity of spirit and a tenderness for the absurdity of our predicament that come only with artistic and personal maturity. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to stand before the naked images in this body of work and not feel naked as well, for in their purity and integrity, in their own vulnerability and humanity, they reach beyond our carefully tended boundaries and touch the part of us that despite its own better judgment, loves and lives for love.", Arden Kass

Also available: Handmade Edition, housed in a clamshell box from linen with one of three archival pigment prints - Der Künstler Paul Cava, geboren 1949 in Brooklyn, New York studierte Poesie, Cinematography und Fotografie. In den 70ern ging er nach Philadelphia und verdiente sein Geld als Galerist und Kurator für private Sammlungen. Zu den Künstlern, die er erstmals in Amerika ausstellte, gehört u.a. Jock Sturges, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ray Metzker, Joel-Peter Witkin, Lynn Davis, Sally Mann, Lee Friedlander oder Irving Penn. The artist Paul Cava was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1949. While a student in NY in the 1960's Cava studied with the poets Jose Garcia Villa and Armand Schwerner. He received his BA in Cinematography from Richmond College CUNY in 1972 and his MFA in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, NY in 1975. After graduate school, Cava moved to Philadelphia and worked as a freelance curator, gallery director and artist. As a fine artist Cava has exhibited paintings, drawings and photo-based works from 1976 to the present in galleries and museums in the United States and Europe, and his work is included in a broad range of private and public collections. Cava was a recipient of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grants in 1981 and 1999.

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