EL-METHOD. Overcoming shyness, fear of public speaking, insecurity, low self-esteem, stage fright, excessive facial blushing and any other social anxiety disorder.

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Do you suffer from shyness, self-consciousness, facial blushing, fear of public speaking, stage fright, lack of self-confidence and other emotional inhibitions?
Then help yourself to eliminate these inhibitions here and now with the EL Method!
The EL METHOD (Emotional Liberation Method) by Tony Gaschler is an INTENSIVE ELIMINATION METHOD, which you can use to rid yourself quickly of unwanted psychological and social inhibitions in a surprisingly easy way without needing help from anyone else.
The EL Method has only been available in an English language version since 2014. The same version is available in German entitled “EE-Methode“ and has been presented to great success on German TV (October 2000), resulting in sales of more than 60,000 copies.
It is not only during our formative years that inhibitions develop; even as adults we can develop inhibitory patterns of behavior following harmful and negative experiences.

Not only is your self-development affected by inhibitions, your feelings of happiness are also affected. Happiness is a natural conscious state that everyone strives to attain. True feelings of happiness can only be achieved if you are able to develop and find self-fulfillment within your own environment and society. Many people from every social group and from every level of education are prevented from finding happiness, from achieving self-fulfillment, from taking their rightful place in society, and from achieving professional recognition because of their emotional inhibitions. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to invest much more time and energy than those who exude self-assurance and confidence.
Tragic though the effects of inhibitions might be, there is also a simple way of removing them. A highly-effective self-help technique with distinct effective factors can be used to help you replace inhibitions with a genuine and self-confident pattern of behavior in a short space of time. You can rid yourself of any feelings of inhibition or any outward signs of inhibition that so often make your life difficult.
What EFFECTIVE FACTORS are used to eliminate my inhibitions?
The well-known psychologist and hypnosis specialist, Tony Gaschler (based in Bavaria, Germany), has spent years researching and developing a special form of autosuggestion: “DYNAMIC AUTOSUGGESTION“. This dynamic autosuggestion method systematically erases old patterns of behavior, removes negative inhibitions and replaces them with new, self-assured RESPONSE SYSTEMS.
This dynamic method is unique and particularly effective.
The dynamic autosuggestion method has an advantage over other methods in that it is more intense, is faster and, above all, it acts fully automatically.
>> It does not matter whether you believe in it or not. It will always produce the same effective results. <<
Through your new, self-assured response system you will change your behavior patterns so quickly that even in the first weeks that you start practicing your success will be noticeable to your friends and associates.
As a side effect, you will notice an increased joy of life, you will experience more feelings of happiness and will start to enjoy social interactions.

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