Handbuch der energetischen Arbeitssicherheit

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When hearing about job safety, most people would not normally consider energetic healing methods as included in this topic. Typically, one would instead think of job safety as related to accidents that happen in workplaces such as steel mills or on construction sites. Upon further thought, it becomes clear that it is also applicable to the neglectful acts occurring within the medical profession, instances such as medical sponges or scissors being forgotten and left in patients during surgery, or even the injection of patients with contaminated hypodermic needles. Whereas the broad spectrum of energetic healing methods is left out of this job safety category – believed instead to be merely provided for alleviation of discomfort with hope for a medical cure. It is further associated as an alternative medicine technique and thus considered to be a gentle form of treatment. Certainly no one thinks that these so-called gentle energetic healing methods could possibly have harmful side effects. Well, think again.
Christine H. Schenk documents in her committed plea for energetic job safety that quite the contrary is the case. She shows us quite explicitly that our belief that energetic healing methods can “do no harm” is actually a paradoxical assumption. On the one hand, we expect that alternative methods provide a cure just as effective as conventional ones. Yet, on the other hand, we completely forget and “blank out” that highly effective methods can always carry the risk of a false application and are thus able to create damage and subsequent long-lasting injuries. This is precisely why practitioners of energy healing methods are not immune to errors.
Regardless of this fact, physicians and psychotherapists can still be confronted with problems of energetic origin, which are then erroneously categorized to be of a medical or psychological source and treated as such. This is how a health care practitioner can completely miss the finer details of working with clients in terms of protecting and establishing the energetic stability and thus overall energetic health of those they so genuinely want to help.
In her groundbreaking new book, Christine H. Schenk enlightens people further about this subject in her offering of a guide for the creation of a way to act with certainty when working in the field of energies – providing a much-needed method for self-check. This book has been written for practitioners working with energy healing methods as well as for clients who are intending to allow those practitioners to take care of them – all with the primary purpose of providing a practical method to ensure energetic safety and security within the workplace.

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