Tara - The Earth Speaks - listen. - 1 Audio-CD

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With guided meditation Beatrix Pfleiderer leads you on a journey through the energy centres of your body. She helps you to locate energy patterns that are no longer helpful and to gently transform and dissolve them. TARA-Process is a path of experience based upon modern Western knowledge focusing on the interrelation between the awareness and self-regulation of the body and the ancient Eastern wisdom of the Chakra system and. Beatrix invites you through concerted abdominal breathing techniques and guided body relaxation to “get in touch” with your body. Through this supported and protected experience a perceptible flowing connection between the faithfully giving energies of the “Heart of the Earth” and the “Higher Self”, that part of us “that has always known and loved us” is experienced and opens a door to enhanced self-regulation. This connection, the Axis Mundi, original in all cultures, is also known to our Western culture as the total connection of our complete Self and with everything that surrounds us. It is the basic premise for a self-determining, self-regulating and therefore health and life promoting “living”.

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ISBN 9783939272922
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 01.01.2013
Umfang 60 Minuten
Genre Ratgeber/Spiritualität/Esoterik
Format Audio-CD
Verlag SYNERGIA-Verlag