Abu Laqlaq

L'alphabet arabe por les enfants
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Each letter of the Arabic alphabet is introduced on a double-page spread. For each letter there is an image of a word that begins with that letter, which helps memorising it more easily.
It is followed by a big picture with an exciting search task.
In addition, the book offers room for practising the shapes of letters and the way they are drawn. Special lines and sketched out letters help the child when colouring and tracing the letters. Additional words that have their own little coloured illustrations show the letter as it is used within the word.
Inside the book cover there is an initial sound list that can be helpful in all the exercises and an additional table showing all letters for a complete alphabet overview.
Both the conception of contents and the creative realization of the book were designed according to educational principles and specially developed for the instruction of children. Therefore, this book is suitable for children from pre-school age upwards for all who want to learn the Arabic alphabet in a playful way.

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ISBN 9783939808145
Sprache Französisch
Erscheinungsdatum 12.12.2012
Umfang 60 Seiten
Genre Kinder- und Jugendbücher/Sprachen
Format Heft
Verlag VIBE - Verlag für islamische Bildung & Erziehung
Adaptiert von Amina Boumaaiz
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