The Climate Change Performance Index

Results 2012
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The Climate Change Performance
Index (CCPI) aims at
enhancing transparency of national
and international efforts
to avoid dangerous climate
change. On the one hand, this
tool quickly shows who is doing
what regarding climate change.
On the other hand, it provides
more information about the strengths and weaknesses
of different countries in various sectors.
Due to data limitation, this publication only covers
emissions from CO2 emissions arising from the use
of fossil fuels. It does not deal with emissions from
deforestation, agriculture and waste, but we hope to
integrate these in the next edition of the CCPI.
The following publication is issued by Germanwatch
and Climate Action Network Europe. However, none
of this could have been possible without the help of
the over 200 energy and climate policy experts from
around the world.
Each of these experts has greatly assisted us by taking
their time to provide invaluable reviews of national
and international climate and energy policies.
These experts are working hard in their own countries
to fight for the implementation of the climate
policy that we desperately need.

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