Talking Sticks, Vol.2

202 Duos for Two Drumsets in Two Volumes
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This giant collection of drum duos starts with easy pieces and progresses to music with complex rhythms and styles. Volume 2 presents 101 duos from intermediate to advanced with eight double bass duos. The individual parts in each duo have comparable levels of difficulty so that drumsets 1 and 2 can easily be interchanged. Offers helpful instructions and room for improvisation. A high priority is for the players to have fun with a good groove. All duos are excellent recital pieces, each lasting approximately 2 minutes. Can also be used as a reference for grooves and fill-ins. Reflects over 25 years of concert and pedagogical experience. Great for group lessons. Includes a play-along MP3-CD covering more than seven hours of music with two different tempi for each duo.

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ISBN 9783940161062
Ausgabe 1., Aufl.
Erscheinungsdatum 01.10.2007
Umfang 212 Seiten
Genre Musik/Musikalien
Format Buch
Verlag CODAMUSIC tone productions
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