AGANAINAE OF THE WORLD (Lepidoptera, Erebidae)

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The purpose of this book
This reference book intends to provide an identification guide for the Aganainae of the world and give further information about this group.
During the editorial process, the manuscript was modified and supplemented in the light of new information from molecular and morphological analysis by Wolfgang Speidel, Jérôme Morinière and Axel Hausmann, in concordance with Jaap Zwier and Jeremy Hol-loway.
Although great care was taken to compose this text and assemble its data, it is impossible to avoid inaccuracies or omissions. In such cases all comments would be greatly appreciat-ed at
The composer of this text cannot be held responsible for the content and information con-tained in it, nor for any consequences of their use. No legal claims can be made based on the use of any information on this text.
This book contains contributions of
Dr Jeremy D. Holloway, Dr Scott E. Miller, Igor Kostjuk and Dr Wolfgang Speidel.
Jeremy Holloway pays attention in his Appendix I to different aspects of the Aganainae and provides a background for the species individually treated in this book.
Phillipa Holloway prepared the figures of the barcode trees for the Appendix I. Scott E. Miller and Dick Vane-Wright provided useful reviews of a draft text of the Appendix.
An overview of the structure of this book
Brief introduction to each genus + a neighbor joining tree (COI).
The order of the species is in accordance with their place in the tree and the similarities. For each species the following data are provided
1. Data of the type material.
2. Enumeration of synonyms.
3. The original description of the species.
4. If necessary a translation of the original description in English.
5. Diagnosis.
6. Distribution.
7. Remarks.
6. Genetic Data including Barcode index number (BIN) and GenBank acc. no. 8. Pictures of adults and genitalia on plates (if available).

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ReiheProceedings of the Museum Witt Munich
ISBN 9783940732552
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 03.08.2022
Umfang 424 Seiten
Genre Biologie/Zoologie
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Verlag Akademischer Verlag München
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