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Eugen Oker
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The fruit sticker collection of Eugen Oker
The Munich writer Eugen Oker (1919 - 2006) embodies the sly mentality of a Jack of all tales and was the inventor of the journalistic "Game Reviews". He wrote Poems, novels, nonsense tales, children´s books, biographies and satirical novels on war and dictatorship as well. With his view of the world as a mere Collection of surprising and amiable absurdities he was a brother in Spirit of Karl Valentin, Ludwig Thoma or Oskar Maria Graf. In 1980 he started a Collection of fruit Stickers, so called "biggerln". With an almost manic insistance he collect approx. 3500 of those items what seems to be considered the world´s biggest fruit sticker Collection. Oker randomly adhered them to A4- cardboard in a chaotic way characterized by a nonchalant anti- order. So he celebrates in a way a dadaistic game with the conventions of professional collecting. But therefore the grafical and advertisment specialities of these important documents of the history of trade with their almost anarchistic colorfulness as a caleidoscopic concert of the different fonts, shapes and Formats become clear in a fascinating mood. In this respect this Collection is likeable and authentic, ambiguous and casual at the same time.

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ISBN 9783943242836
Erscheinungsdatum 01.01.2018
Umfang 88 Seiten
Genre Kunst/Sonstiges
Format Hardcover
Verlag Koch, Schmidt u. Wilhelm
Übersetzung Sabine Kunst
Bildbeschreibung von Volker Fischer
Herausgegeben von Büro Wilhelm Verlag. Koch-Schmidt-Wilhelm
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