Colour + Light, Darkness and Colour in Painting Therapy

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"Colour": Colour is both a constant and dynamic force in our world. Liane Collot d’Herbois was a pioneer of spiritual colour theory who explored the artistic and therapeutic qualities of light and darkness in painting.
This book is a combination of her original works «Colour, Part One» (1979) and «Colour, Part Two» (1981), in which she represented her remarkable ideas. Preferring to write in «pictures» rather than «chapters», she explains the principles behind her work and demonstrates how each colour has its own unique movement and inherent quality.
It is a unique book referring to the combination of pictorial and humanistic professionalism.
"Light, Darkness and Colour in Painting Therapy": Through her work as an art teacher, Liane Collot d’Herbois discovered that an individual’s constitution, temperament and illness were often revealed through their painting. Using Rudolf Steiner’s remark as a starting point, together with her own observations, she went on to develop therapeutic painting. Art therapy helps bring about balance and health in the human being through working with an understanding of the relationsship between the opposing tendencies of light and darkness in art and in the human constitution.

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