Energetics in Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture Made Easy
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This book has been written in three parts:
The theory
The energy-balancing laws
The diseases: symptoms and treatment
The theory deals with Yin and Yang and their clinical concepts, associations, imbalanced states, manifestations of these states and rules for balancing. Yin and Yang affect the five stages of our lives. The terms Blood, energy and body fluid are introduced, and the various climatic pathogenic factors that attack the body from the exterior are discussed, as well as how they can move towards the interior (explaining why we refer to certain illness states as damp or wind etc.). The theory of the Five Elements is the most important part of this book. All common imbalanced states are described with four pictures of imbalance – Blood, Yin, Yang and Qi.
The energy-balancing laws explain the superficial and the deep energy circulation in the body. The meridian system is explained with its exterior and interior connection and uses, the Organ Clock and the relationship of the Five Elements. The eight extra meridians and their uses are also covered.
Diagnosis and treatment: All diagnostic methods are explained. Needling and needle sensation, needling techniques and all the extraordinary therapies – moxibustion, cupping, plum-blossom-tapping, electrical stimulation of needles and bleeding – are also covered. Over 80 common diseases and symptoms are discussed and treatment is given for different causes of the same symptom. Every case history and treatment has been illustrated with the location of the points used, so that the reader does not have to look for these anywhere else.
The idea for this book was that it would make a good bedside (patient's) book for the practice of acupuncture.

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