Greetings from the Other Side

A mediumistic path
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We welcome you all into our midst, for that has always been your rightful place. We never lost you from our hearts and still it has taken many lifetimes for you to rediscover us". These are the first words in one chapter of the book, "Greetings from the Other Side". Prepare yourself for a journey, a journey that you will undertake with your heart and soul. For the medium will take you on a mediumistic journey during which she meets Maryam. And yet, like so many other beloved people, she is dead. Yet death does not mean the end of one's existence. Only the human shell leaves the Earth: the love remains. On this basis you will discover how meditation can open the door into a brand new world, the world of the other side. There you will encounter all those you once loved, either in this life or in some other life. For there is an infinite number of light beings on the other side just waiting to help you travel the path of meditation. With your help this other world too can become brighter and warmer. Meditation will lead you across a bridge made of love and faith. For God is omnipotent. He is with us always, for He is inside of us. God is in every single cell that constitutes your body. The light beings about whom you will learn a lot in "Greetings from the Other Side" have already known you for a long time. It is your own inner voice that always leads you back to the right path. That too is the light beings at work, for it is they who inspire us. The book will show you why you find yourself on the path to becoming a medium. But in addition to these irrefutable facts you will also become conscious of other things such as how much love and truth there is inside of you. For this reason above all it is the final few chapters, which are in effect independent of mediumistic considerations as such, which will touch you to the core. They talk of a love, lost long ago in the depths of time, but which we all sense sleeping within us just waiting to be gently roused. They are about our love for our partners, love between man and wife as well as the unconditional love we feel towards our children. You will learn what you have actually always known at the bottom of your heart. Nevertheless it does help to read just how easy it is to travel the path once more that leads in the right direction, which is the one that will take you towards faith and love. Feel yourself to welcome and long awaited in the world of the light beings, of God's angels.

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ISBN 9783943878035
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 15.09.2012
Umfang 128 Seiten
Genre Pädagogik
Format Hardcover
Verlag Beyound Borders - Der Verlag
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