Am Wasser. Au fil de l’eau. Near the Water

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Black Forest shines:
In the Black Forest, the light dances extraordinarily light-footed. Illumination phenomena are its attribute: Valleys bear fathomless shade. Heights overflow with glare. Rays like fingers, the sun takes effect on the distinctive contour. Through swift sequences of bright and dark, the time of day becomes so evident. The light never rests here, but perambulates the land as a sundial. Clouds, masters of lighting, travel over it. Moments are unique. It is that the sun reminds us in dancing of how precious time indeed is.
Shiny moments are as intense as fugacious, and therewith more valuable than gold, silver and diamonds. In those instants, a fern seems to be gilded, or a silvery fog covers the meadows and diamond grain scintillates on twigs. A blink of an eye later all magic is gone. Last summer’s fern is dead-matter again, the meadows sink with morrow and the twigs dangle greyish and dull. It is when man is rejected by the grand landscape, when it becomes brusque and secretive.
Whoever experienced those moments of shine will search for it on every walk, will find it in many ways, will cherish it and be enriched with. The Black Forest seems to be eternally alterable through the light, until you realize that you are vanishing with it also. From that moment on, the hiker will no longer pause, for there is nothing to wait for, because the moments of shine will come to you. Whoever stays moving will be open to what occurs unexpectedly, or to what stays away. The wayfarer will experience the shine. It is a quiet marvel, no spectacular. Be ready to go into the quietness. Accept whatever you may find. Let go all intention.

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ReiheSchwarzwald leuchtet. La Forêt Noire scintille. Black Forest shines
ISBN 9783944792125
Sprache Englisch
Ausgabe limitierte Erstauflage 10/2019
Erscheinungsdatum 30.10.2019
Umfang 10 Seiten
Genre Kunst/Fotografie, Film, Video, TV
Format Loseblatt
Verlag Zerr, Sibylle
Übersetzung Raphaele Jusufi-Girodet
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