Gertrude and Wilmar an the Bermuda Triangle

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After their successful book "The Poor Poet and further fantasies" the duo Pitsch and Pedersen once again joint work to create an extraordinary piece of art. The result is a fancy children's book, which brings joy through both, the poetic and optical form. "Gertrude, the cloud and the missing wind" enriches the world of imagination of our youngest.
But the enthusiasm in the story does reach the parents as well, readers and listeners are suddenly lured into the middle of Gertrude's enchanting universe. But her day actually begins like everyone else’s. Suddenly, however, a little cloud appears in the sky, begging Gertrude to get her a fresh breeze. And the old lady got her hands full!
If only she hadn't read the book "Do it yourself!" once again!
Actually, Gertrude just wants to see the little cloud. She's too old to climb steep mountains, and therefore she rises up in the air in a balloon. But that day the wind is stronger than ever. It tears the balloon off its journey and drives it east of it, and the journey into adventures finds its beginning. Mrs. Gertrude and her faithful dog Wilmar fly over lands and oceans until they reach a distant and magical land.
India! Below them lies the realm of the snake-charmers and elephants, a sea of colours, wherever the eye looks.
Will they see the little cloud again?

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ISBN 9783945033609
Erscheinungsdatum 01.11.2018
Umfang 60 Seiten
Genre Belletristik/Zweisprachige Ausgaben
Format Hardcover
Verlag Brighton Verlag GmbH
Empf. Lesealter ab 2 bis 6 Jahre
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