Beyond Dead

and other Ghost Stories
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Nigel Humphreys is best known as a poet that seeks out and finds the soul’s consciousness, complexities and imperfections – the universal vibration of what is out there and the resonance of the creative mind; out of the darkness and into the light, the very love of this world … and the next. The next world; that which we will all inhabit in time and out of time, in our mind and out of it.
And yet there is another Nigel Humphreys, the ‘ghost’ writer, now revealed in this key collection of original ghost stories ‘Beyond Dead’, utterly possessed, inhabiting the same deep landscape, but ‘in and out of it’, ‘back and forth’, foot-stepping into our heads; a true literary Medium, attuning himself and us, tuning in, channelling, asking the begging questions that he already appears to know the answers to, ‘is there anybody there? And if so, ‘what are we to do and how are we to act and what will be the human cost or indeed that of the spirits?’
The poet has become his own ‘ghost’, touching the imperceptible, conjuring out of the dim-lit shimmering backdrop, a very fine and original collection of ghost stories, that allow us to wander, candle in hand, with him and experience with great clarity and confidence, this ‘other realm’, that is ‘our realm’; ghosts as people, people as ghosts, spirits of time and spirits of place, benign, mischievous and utterly malign, letting the traditional ghost story itself, in its grey eminence and delightful dotage, become utterly re-haunted, re-possessed as old houses and people are, re-energised and ‘of spirit’ in and about itself. It is all ‘his own’ work, but not of ‘his own’. He has had the help from within the veil and beyond it, conjuring forth an emotional Spirit world that has to be acknowledged.
(Adapted from Spirits of Time and Place: The Ghost Stories of Nigel Humphreys by Jonathan Wood)

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Sprache Englisch
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Erscheinungsdatum 01.07.2020
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Genre Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur
Format Hardcover
Verlag Zagava Books
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