Coast Portraits

Research and Strategies in Territorial Architecture
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The theme of Dynamics of Periphery as creative spatial, structural, and strategic exploration of European margins, inner and outer peripheries, in the seminar Coast Portraits focuses on coast lines. They constitute an overlaying and hybrid of cultural shaping and natural forces, of resources and knowledge, in between water and land. As extended field the coastlines comprehend in up to 50 km distance to the sea 50% of Europe's people. With a more precise glance, though, the coastlines are not only places of extreme density in activities, meanings, and architecture, but also terrains vagues, places of extreme remoteness, inner peripheries, diffuse cities, resorts, built infrastructures. They are targeted by amenity seeker, migrants, land pioneers, they comprehend high local social and cultural capital, and are spaces of complex traditions, new communities, and economic innovation. The interaction between land and sea, between habitat and nature, in the seminar is addressed by architectural and urbanistic interpretation and strategies, as bases and drivers of spatial shaping and development.

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ISBN 9783946296195
Erscheinungsdatum 09.03.2018
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Herausgegeben von Jörg Schröder, Emanuele Sommariva
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