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Stockholm is considered one of the leading startup capitals in the Nordics – and even one of the top in the world. It’s been called the “second Silicon Valley”, which comes as no surprise with investment pouring in at record levels in the past couple of years. The city’s tech scene saw more than $1.4 billion invested in 2016 alone. Taking this into account, it comes as no surprise that the locally created Skype, Klarna, King and Mojang all went from small startups to billion dollar juggernauts.
To get your entrepreneurial juices flowing, Startup Guide are now bringing out Startup Guide Stockholm v.4. A follow up to the original Startup Guide Stockholm to accommodate the rapidly accelerating startup ecosystem of the city – full of interviews, tips and startup related revelations.
Startup Guide Stockholm was made in partnership with SUP46 and supported by Business Sweden and Daimler.

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ISBN 9783947624041
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Erscheinungsdatum 04.09.2018
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