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Known for its big banks and wealth, Switzerland’s investors are now turning their attention to innovative entrepreneurs solving the world’s most pressing problems.
With some of the top schools and universities in Europe, the country boasts a well-educated domestic talent pool intent on building the businesses of the future. Last year, VCs invested more than €1 billion in Swiss startups. In the 2019 Global Ecosystem Report, the Lausanne-Bern-Geneva ecosystem came in seventh in the newly-introduced Life Sciences ranking, which pertains to startups committed to diagnosing, treating and managing diseases. Furthermore, the Basel region has the highest production volume in life sciences in the world. And while the cost of living in most Swiss cities is high, so, too, are salaries and quality of life. It should come as no surprise, then, that the country has produced so many successful impact startups.
Startup Guide Switzerland explores the startups, founders, programs, investors and schools which are moving the needle on important issues relating to sustainability and social impact. The guidebook provides the necessary tools to navigate startup ecosystems across the country and lends valuable insight from the figures leading the way.

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