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Ghana, with its capital Accra as epicenter, has evolved into a major hub for startups on the African continent, with a sophisticated talent pool, healthy markets, impact initiatives aplenty and a strong culture of collaboration. Agriculture is a main growth driver, which means entrepreneurs can leverage technical knowledge in this field to create innovative solutions to issues in logistics, food preservation and waste, data access and the value chain. More and more international investors are flocking to Ghana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, with a growing number of support organizations arising to help startups thrive. With startups such as Qualitracegh improving the livelihoods of farmers and signaling the benefits of being impact-driven, Ghana and Accra are fast becoming ideal for impact entrepreneurship.
Startup Guide Accra is filled with valuable resources, insight into impact-driven programs and tips for new businesses wanting to make a difference. It also features interviews with founders, industry insiders and investors who have helped drive Accra and Ghana’s growth in becoming such a major hub for entrepreneurship and innovation with purpose.

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ISBN 9783947624317
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 02.12.2020
Umfang 200 Seiten
Genre Sachbücher/Politik, Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft/Betriebswirtschaft, Unternehmen
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Verlag Startup Guide World ApS
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