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There are many reasons why Nairobi has earned the title of Silicon Savannah. Kenya’s capital is home to one of Africa’s most mature startup ecosystems, globally recognized as major tech capital worth $1 billion and a leader in mobile technology. Nairobi boasts a strong private sector, healthy infusions of outside investment and lots of governmental support. Over the past decade or so, local entrepreneurs, university students and government entities have committed to creating an ecosystem where now more than 200 startups thrive, focusing on fields such as payments, logistics, e-commerce, health and blockchain. The city is also a recognized hub for impact innovation, with initiatives such as NaiLab, which incubates startups working in emerging markets, BRCK, which uses solar routers and tablets to connect off-the-grid schools to the internet, and AB3D, which makes artificial limb 3D printers out of electronic waste.
Startup Guide Nairobi is packed full of valuable resources, insight into impact-driven initiatives and programs and tips for new businesses hoping to make meaningful impact. It also features interviews with founders, experts, investors and industry insiders who have helped Nairobi become recognized as a major tech capital.

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