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Cornelia Schleime's extensive oeuvre ranges from serial overpaintings to fantastic drawings and large-format paintings. The focus is on women's images with a mythical radiance that exerts an enormous fascination on the viewer. With her current self-presentations, Cornelia Schleime ties in with her early works - photographs of her body actions and self-presentations. The overpainted photographs were taken on La Palma, the artist's temporary center of life.
All the self-portraits that are created there are full of surprising, often surreal moments that initially condense through absurd masks and magnificent disguises, then through the alienation of the subsequent overpaintings into self-contained scenes of an imaginary world, seeming more like dream images or theatre scenes than real-life shots. For Cornelia Schleime, these poetic spaces contain "beauty so as not to crack up in the ugly truth".

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