Happy to be Left-Handed

Left-Handedness - Recognize it easily - Nurture it properly - Let it shine!
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Left-handedness is a remarkable topic!
Why? Because it affects every second person on the planet! This book dispels popular myths about left-handers, and provides targeted advice on how to nurture left-handedness.
Left-hander or right-hander?
It is always possible to find out!
Tried-and-trusted indicators will enable you to determine whether or not you, your child or someone else you know is left-handed. Help is also at hand in the form of a new quick test for left-handedness in children and adults.
Everyone benefits if left-handers are empowered to use their stronger side. This book is an indispensable guide on how to do just that.
Further information (including video and audio material) is available at: www.happy-to-be-left-handed.com

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ISBN 9783948352035
Ausgabe Happy to be Left-Handed
Erscheinungsdatum 25.11.2021
Umfang 208 Seiten
Genre Ratgeber/Gesundheit/Sonstiges
Format Hardcover
Verlag Left Hander's World
Empf. Lesealter ab 10 Jahre
Adaptiert von Frank Steinkopf
Herausgegeben von Verlag Left Hander's World
Einführung von Frank Steinkopf
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