Luce in contesto/Light in Context

rappresentazioni, produzioni e usi della luce nello spazio antico/Representation, Production and Use of Light in Ancient Spaces
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Ancient authors and archaeological sources provide evicence for the central role of the light in the ancient life and thought. The analysis of this argument through an ideal dialogue with the contemporary lighting culture contributes to point out new and diff erent research areas. If the lighting devices (clay, glass, metal and marble made lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers etc.) testify dynamics of production, distribution and use system, according to different historical and social contexts, on other hand, the study of an olive regional production district and its relation with the fuel supply reflects on socio-economic issues and related changes. Actually facing with the ancient light perception are the esperiments on diff erent oils as an attempt to measure artifi cial light intensity and duration together with a 3D modelling study on a tomb and its niches for lamps. Light aff ects, ʻcreateʼ and ʻre-createʼ everything as suggestively evidenced by ancient paintings as well as by contemporary architecture and lighting technologies.

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ReiheArchaeology and Economy in the Ancient World
ISBN 9783948465322
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