Bewwy and Boot Meet at the Strawberry Patches

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The interactive children's book by the American athlete and painter is varied in words and illustrations.
"Those days you set out for an adventure alone... and then you find a new friend.
Those days are special ones. They are just the best."
Join Bewwy on his stroll down to the strawberry patches, where he discovers so many things he likes and someone to share them with.
A swe-et, fur-ry and fluf-fy tale about friendship.

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ISBN 9783949832062
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 14.12.2022
Umfang 40 Seiten
Genre Kinder- und Jugendbücher/Bilderbücher
Format Hardcover
Verlag Buch Salon Walbach
Empf. Lesealter ab 3 bis 8 Jahre
Künstler / Künstlerin Gundula Fiona Poppe von Bachhaus