Ontology for Knowledge Organization

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This volume, like our 2012 Cultural Frames of Knowledge (Ergon Verlag), is a joint effort of the Knowledge Organization Research Group (KOrg) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s School of Information Studies. Core members of KOrg are Margaret E.I. Kipp, Hur-Li Lee, Steven J. Miller, Thomas Walker, WooSeob Zhang and Richard P. Smiraglia. Since 2008 KOrg has worked to foster a dynamic environment for Research in knowledge organization. Smiraglia and Miller have contributed chapters to this volume; Smiraglia and Lee have edited the volume. All of the other contributors have been a part of the work of KOrg in some way or another. CharlesAntoine Julien was our first post-doctoral fellow (2010-2012), Jihee Beak was our first Ph.D. graduate and is currrently Adjunct Professor, Daniel Martínez-Ávila was a visiting fellow as a doctoral student and Adjunct Professor in 2013-2014), and Melodie J. Fox is a Ph.D. candidate. Jane Greenberg has been our visiting Senior Associate Researcher for 2013-2015, and Thomas Dousa and Joseph Tennis have been among the scholars who have visited KOrg and collaborated with us by sharing their ideas and working together with us on research grants and publications.

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Herausgegeben von Richard P. Smiraglia, Hur-Li Lee, Knowledge Organization Research Group, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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