HEALING, ETERNAL LIFE AND SEEING THE LIGHT - Exercises for contacting the hereafter

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THE teaching and training book for contacting the hereafter. Exercises and methods for those who are seriously interested in working with the spiritual world. A big change is happening. People are changing, the earth is renewing itself. The great awakening has begun. The time of suffering is coming to an end. Angel Medium Mathias Stumpf shows and teaches how to lead an absolutely carefree and happy life. The author has traveled several times to the hereafter, and he tells about how he got into the spiritual world, what he experienced there and shows the way to the angels with exercises that are very easy to do for everyone. Many millions of light beings are on our side. This book helps with recognizing and contacting them.

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ISBN 9783957535597
Erscheinungsdatum 27.09.2018
Umfang 288 Seiten
Genre Ratgeber/Spiritualität/Esoterik
Format Taschenbuch
Verlag Verlag DeBehr
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