Half-Frame Diary. End of the Century

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Half-Frame Diary: End of the Century presents a selection of photos made between 1998 and 2000 from artist Sheva Fruitman’s decades-long photo-diary project. These images idiosyncratically mirror everyday life at the end of the twentieth century, captured by Fruitman as she traveled the world.
Composed as diptychs, the half-frame photos are pairs, with two vertical images in the space of one 35mm frame. Resonances between these sepia-toned streetscapes and interiors link their original contexts and create episodes from layered, incomplete narratives: be it bunches of ripe bananas played against a tarot reader’s neon sign of a palm, changing reflections in a shop window, or the linear patterns of buildings and a cherry picker versus those of a subway platform. These once timeless scenes, now published for the first time, are remnants of a not-too-distant world that no longer exists.

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ISBN 9783958294998
Sprache Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 14.07.2022
Umfang 184 Seiten
Genre Kunst/Fotografie, Film, Video, TV
Format Hardcover
Verlag Steidl Verlag
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