Rebel against cancer

Principles of complementary intensive CANCER therapy. The alternative treatment of all kind of tumours and prostatic cancer
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Are there methods to heal cancer which conventional medicine is keeping from us?
Dr. med. Klaus Maar was once an orthodox medical practitioner, surgeon and head of a large university hospital. After many years, during which he almost despaired at the failures of conventional cancer therapies, he took matters into his own hands, working over the long term to develop a "biological intensive therapy". At his outpatients´ oncology clinic in Düsseldorf he has been able to achieve excellent successes with the therapy, which has been the subject of many reports in the press and on TV. Thousands of patients from many countries - even from the USA and New Zealand - have reported the success of his, to date, unique therapy. lt bundles biological healing powers which are able to simultaneously destroy cancer cells whilst also consolidating the body´s own defences.
No cancer is as often incorrectly treated as prostate cancer
This book views itself as an addition to the first book, "Rebel against cancer" [Rebell gegen den Krebs], which explained fundamental principles, going into its conclusions in more detail. lncorrect diagnoses; thousands of unnecessary operations; impotence; agonising chemotherapies and marital problems - the consequences of incorrect or unnecessary treatment have ramifications of which only a few people are aware. In this book the admired, much discussed author continues his campaign to enlighten his patients, calling things by their true names. Many facts which are otherwise concealed are brought to light. This book is the first one - worldwide - explaining biological complementary methods in the treatment of all tumours, especially prostatic carcinoma.

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