The Crane Driver

Your guide to attaching loads safely and operating cranes competently, efficiently and safely
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Lifting equipment – or cranes – come in various shapes and sizes, from caterpillar to revolving tower. What they all have in common is that they can all be used for the attachment and lifting of heavy loads. And if used incorrectly, they can all be extremely dangerous.
Recognising and negotiating the risks is therefore vital for all crane operators. This involves standard training and theory and practice tests. It may also involve additional training for using cranes in specific areas, regular instruction and induction prior to commencement of work and being made aware of the operational environment.
This brochure is both instruction booklet and reference guide. It outlines what crane drivers are responsible for, shows how they can safely and expertly operate their equipment, and how to lift and move loads. It also shows operators what they need to do before commencing work, what to do in the event of a fault or breakdown and how to leave the crane safely. Information on special applications and maintenance and repair is also included. For business owners, this guide is a handy reference tool.

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