Keeping Track of Track Geometry - Japanische Ausgabe

Basics - Error Detection - Correction - Quality: an overview of the DACH countries and the UK
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This work is in japanese language and also available in English. The technical book provides a comprehensive, practical overview of all aspects of track alignment correction, taking into account the relevant regulations of the DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and the United Kingdom.
First of all, the fundamentals of track alignment and the interrelationships between track components and their stresses are described in a clear and practical manner. Starting from these fundamentals of track alignment, the book then spans the thematic arc from the determination to the methods of measurement and correction of track position defects to quality control. The entire tamping process, including all the necessary accompanying work, is explained clearly and independently of the manufacturer.
Regardless of the existing level of knowledge, this book offers interested parties from all areas of railway engineering an insight into the planning, execution and acceptance of tamping work in the DACH countries and the UK.
The six chapters of this book not only provide a well-founded introduction to the basic aspects of railway track and track construction, but also give a comparison of the engineering principles adopted in these four countries.
This comparison provides an interesting insight into the practical implementation of those technical principles and illustrates common features as well as differences. From the legal provisions to the basics of the permanent way as well as measurement methods, the book describes the key concepts that are required for the design and maintenance of track geometry on plain line track.
The included e-book provides users of a device with pdf-reader (PC, tablet, smartphone) the contents of the work also electronically and with search function.

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ISBN 9783962452421
Erscheinungsdatum 17.12.2021
Umfang 216 Seiten
Genre Wirtschaft/Einzelne Wirtschaftszweige, Branchen
Format Hardcover
Verlag PMC Media
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