Reinsurance - Principles and Practice

Volume II
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Gerathewohl is the standard reference book about reinsurance, and since its publication
in 1976 it has never been surpassed. The book was designed to be used not only
in reinsurance and primary insurer circles, but also in the fields of economics and law.
The broad range of target readers includes those with a practical and scientific interest
as well as trainees and students.
In Volume II after an overview of facultative business, the particular features of the
individual reinsurance lines of business are discussed. This is followed by an account of
reinsurance administration. To establish as close a connection with reinsurance practice
as possible, the appendix contains an extensive collection of model contracts, forms
and tables. Furthermore, Volume II contains a summary of the history of reinsurance,
as well as a collective index for both volumes.

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