Samurai Armies of the Late Sengoku Period

Volume I: Anatomy of a Samurai Army in the 16th and 17th Centuries
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Author’s note
Periods of Japanese History
Basics of Japanese Military History c. 1600
Arms and Armour
Composition and Command Structure of a Samurai Army
Lord, Family, and Vassals
Command Structure
Feudal Samurai Service and Professional Troops in Garrisons
Strength and Composition of Armies
Army Divisions and Troop Types
Samurai Cavalry: Myth and Reality – The Takeda Re-Examined
Infantry I: Specialists with polearms
Infantry II: Missile Troops (Bow and Arquebus)
Honjin – The Headquarters Unit
Supply and Baggage Train
Samurai as Mercenaries
A Samurai Army in Action
On the March
In Camp
In Battle – Sengoku Period Tactics
A Standard Basic Unit Reconstructed
Key Terms in Japanese and English

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